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February 07 2018




подарунок для всякого типофіла—флікр міжнародної мережі друкарської спадщини. Фото з музеїв друкарства Європи (і не тільки).

January 02 2018




Date: Jan 2, 2018
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Date: Jan 2, 2018
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December 20 2017




Date: Dec 20, 2017
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December 06 2017

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↑ There is example I tried out. Now I have this screenshot and an exported .obj file I plan to explore when will learn Blender.

Ready is a program for exploring continuous and discrete cellular automata, including reaction-diffusion systems, on grids and arbitrary meshes. OpenCL is used as the computation engine, to take advantage of the many-core architectures on graphics cards and modern CPUs. OpenCL also allows rules to be written in a text format and compiled on the fly. Ready supports a compact XML-based file format so that images and rules can be shared easily.

Ready supports 1D, 2D and 3D data, as well as polygonal and polyhedral meshes.


November 28 2017


Let’s Talk About Food...in Space!


It’s Thanksgiving time…which means you’re probably thinking about food…

Ever wonder what the astronauts living and working on the International Space Station eat during their time 250 miles above the Earth? There’s no microwave, but they get by using other methods.

Here are some fun facts about astronaut food…


Astronauts are assigned their own set of silverware to use during their mission (they can keep it afterward too). Without a dishwasher in orbit, they use special wipes to sterilize their set between uses, but it’s still better for everyone if they keep track of and use their own! So many sets of silverware were ordered during the space shuttle program that crews on the space station today still use silverware engraved with the word “shuttle” on them! So #retro.


You probably know that astronauts use tortillas instead of bread to avoid crumbs floating everywhere. Rodolfo Neri Vela, a payload specialist from Mexico, who flew on the space shuttle in 1985, introduced tortillas to the space food system. Back then, we would buy fresh tortillas the day before launch to send on the 8-10 day space shuttle missions.


We then learned how to reduce the water activity when formulating tortillas, which coupled with the reduction of oxygen during packaging would prevent the growth of mold and enable them to last for longer shuttle missions. Now, we get tortillas from the military. In August 2017, acting NASA Administrator Robert Lightfoot ate a meal that included tortillas from 2015!


Our food menu is mostly all made from scratch so it can meet the requirements of the nutrition team and ensure astronauts eat enough fruits and vegetables. The space station is stocked with a standard menu that includes a mix of the more than 200 food and drink options available. This ensures lots of variety for the station crews but not too many of each individual item.


The food is packaged into bulk overwrap bags, referred to as BOBs, which are packed into cargo transfer bags for delivery to the space station. Each astronaut also gets to bring nine personalized BOBs for a mission, each containing up to 60 food and drink options so they can include more of their favorites – or choose to send a few specific items for everyone to share on a particular holiday like Thanksgiving. As a result, the crew members often share and swap their food to get more variety. Astronauts also can include any food available at the grocery store as long as it has an 18-month shelf life at room temperature and meets the microbiological requirements.


Fresh fruit and vegetables are a special treat for astronauts, so nearly every cargo resupply mission includes fresh fruit and veggies – and sometimes ice cream!


The Dragon spacecraft has freezers to bring science samples back to Earth. If there is space available on its way to orbit, the ground crew may fill the freezer with small cups of ice cream or ice cream bars.


Some food arrives freeze-dried, and the astronauts rehydrate it by inserting a specific amount of hot or ambient water from a special machine.

Other food comes ready to eat but needs to be reheated, which crew members do on a hot-plate like device. We recently also sent an oven style food warmer to station for the crew to use. And of course, some food like peanuts just get packaged for delivery and are ready to eat as soon as the package is opened!


Our nutritional biochemists have discovered that astronauts who eat more fish in space lost less bone, which is one of the essential problems for astronauts to overcome during extended stays in space. In the limited area aboard the space shuttle, not all crew members loved it when their coworkers ate the (aromatic) fish dishes, but now that the space station is about the size of a six-bedroom house, that’s not really a problem.


Astronauts on station have had the opportunity to grow (and eat!) a modest amount of fresh vegetables since the first lettuce harvest in August 2015, with new crops growing now and more coming soon. Crew members have been experimenting using the Veggie growth chamber, and soon plant research will also occur in the new Advanced Plant Habitat, which is nearly self-sufficient and able to control every aspect of the plant environment! 

Growing food in space will be an important component of future deep space missions, and our nutritionists are working with these experiments to ensure they also are nutritious and safe for the crew to eat.

Thanksgiving in Space


The crew on the space station will enjoy Thanksgiving together. Here’s a look at their holiday menu: 

  • Turkey
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Cornbread Stuffing
  • Candied Yams
  • Cran-Apple Dessert

Learn more about growing food on the space station HERE

Make sure to follow us on Tumblr for your regular dose of space: http://nasa.tumblr.com.

November 20 2017

The other way to transfer layers between open documents is using the Duplicate Layer function. When you right-click on a layer in Layers panel you can choose Duplicate Layer… from the menu. The Duplicate Layer dialog box then asks you which document to use as the Destination.
How to copy layers from one Photoshop document to another? - Graphic Design Stack Exchange

November 16 2017

Наступний спосіб — магічне мислення, або ж відверте поєднання протиріч. Під час передвиборчої кампанії президент обіцяв зменшити податки, ліквідувати державний борг та збільшити витрати водночас і на соціальну сферу, і на національну безпеку. Такі обіцянки суперечать одна одній. Вдамося до аналогії: фермер каже, що візьме з курника яйце, зварить його й дасть дружині, а також посмажить те саме яйце й нагодує ним дітей, а потім нерозбитим поверне його курці й спостерігатиме, як із нього вилупиться курча.
— Тімоті Снайдер. Про тиранію. К.: Медуза, 2017

November 08 2017

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(via How to design pixel art characters as in Super Time Force - part 1 - YouTube)

пройшов Super Time Foce Ultra (без хардкору). прикольна штучка — пікселі, екшн, парадокси подорожей у часі і характерний саундтрек починав її колись давно, а тепер от закінчив. нові персонажі відкриваються по ходу, а після (трохи передбачуваного) фінального діалогу відкривається хардкорний режим. тобто можна новими персонажами перепройти старі локації тощо. колись. в майбутньому. чи альтернативному майбутньому. чи…

November 05 2017

The approach that a designer follows in the asterisk is usually echoed in the typeface’s second-order reference mark, the dagger (also known as the obelus, obelisk, or long cross), and its third-order mark, the double dagger (a.k.a. diesis or double obelisk.) Both characters have functions in genealogy and other life sciences, where the asterisk indicates the year of birth (*1499), and the dagger the year of death (†1561). There are standard fourth-, fifth- and sixth-order reference marks, too: they are the section mark (§), parallels (||), and number sign (#), after which the cycle repeats with doubles, triples, and so on: *, †, ‡, §, ||, #, **, ††, ‡‡, §§, ||||, ###, ***, †††, ‡‡‡, etc. Beyond three, numbered footnotes are always preferable, even if you are David Foster Wallace.
House of Flying Reference Marks | News, Notes & Observations | Hoefler & Co.

October 16 2017

8-хвилинна медитація 08
8-хвилинна медитація, враження 7

October 11 2017


How to Install and setup mpd + mpdscribble + ncmpcpp

встановив і запустив консольний аудіоплеєр за інструкцією. не маю відчуття супер-гакера, зате можу, як матиму час та натхнення, послухати музику в навушниках.

October 07 2017

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встановив Laidout за інструкціями з github. це програма для макетування брошур, в тому числі з різними нестандартними параметрами. коли матиму час розбиратися далі, не знаю, поки просто задоволений тим, що вийшло.

October 02 2017

8-хвилинна медитація 07

September 27 2017

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надихнувшись лінуксівським сетапом, прибрав чисто геть усе з робочого стола на windows. верхнє зображення — це прінскін зі згорнутими вікнами.

забрав усі значки, нижнє меню тепер ховається. не завжди успішно. тепер на екрані взагалі немає годинника, з моїм талантом до зависання це мінус. може, я щось придумаю, але мабуть не з компом. або адаптуюсь.

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September 26 2017

8-хвилинна медитація, враження 6

September 25 2017




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September 22 2017

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Starting a bullet journal - a tutorial

Tips for anyone who’d like to start a bullet journal but doesn’t know how/where to begin :)

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